KPZ2040-D2B Composite Panel Sizing Machine

Our machine cuts to 2000×4000 mm size. It is double knife.Digital display.

It can be used for cutting all composite materials used in advertising.Plexiglass, Aluminum, Composite Panels, Polycarbonate Plates, Foamboard.

KPZ2040-D2B Composite Panel Sizing Machine

Our  Composite Panel sizing machine is suitable for cutting jobs in 2000×4000 mm size …

Used in the field of advertising.

Plexiglas composite panel sizing cut, Aluminum composite panel sizing cut,

Composite Panels can be used in composite panel sizing, Polycarbonate Plates composite panel sizing, Foamboard composite panel sizing.

KPZ2040-D2B Composite Panel Sizing Machine Tecnichal Specifications

Angle cutting
Engine Power : 4hp – 3 kw
Electrical connection : 3x 380V / 50 hz
Speed: 3000 rpm
Cutting blade revolution : 3000 rpm
Joint knife turnover : 5800 rpm
Vertical cut height : 2000 mm
Horizontal cutting height : 1800 mm
Vertical and horizontal cutting length: 4000 mm
Cutting knife measures: 200 x 30 x 3,2 trazze
Duct blade measurements: 200 x 30 x 3,2 trazze
Working dimensions (length x height x width): 5000 mm x 2850 mm x 1600 mm
Loading measurements : 5000 mm x 2600 mm x 1600 mm
Subcontractors : Metal wheel
Mobile panel: automatic



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