DPM2141 Vertical Panel Sizing Machine

 DPM2141 Vertical Panel Sizing Machine

Our Vertical Panel Sizing Machine is suitable for cutting jobs in sizes of 2100 × 4100 mm …

It is used by furniture producers and wood panel manufacturers.

Chipboard lamination, chipboard lamination, MDF, Plywood-Plywood lamination, OSB Lamella lamination,

Fibreboard slitting, Laminates are suitable for slicing

 DPM2141 Vertical Panel Sizing Machine  Tecnichal Specifications

Model Type : DPM2141
Engine Power : 4hp – 3 kw
Electrical connection : 3x 380V / 50 hz
Speed of rotation : 3000 rpm
Cutting knife turnover : 5800 rpm
Plotter Knife Overrun: 7800 rpm
Horizontal and Vertical Cutting Height: 2100 mm
Horizontal and Cutting Height: 4100 mm
Vertical and horizontal cutting length : 4000 mm
Cut Thickness: 55 mm
Cutting Knife Measures: 250X80x30x3.2
Plotter Blade Scales : 80×20
Work Scales (U x Y x G) : 5000 mm x 3200 mm x 1600 mm
Loading measurements : 5000 mm x 2600 mm x 1600 mm
Subcarriers : Metal wheel
Movable panel : Automatic


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